Childcare centres need SMS too!

Need to send a fast update to parents, but you can’t always be sure your emails are being read? Need a reply for something, but don’t want to wait days for an answer? Then why not use SMS? Whether you want to send a reminder, using a one way SMS, or need a yes or no to a preschool disco, using a two way SMS, then The SMS Engine can assist.

I have recently been working with my daughters’ preschool, to improve their parent communication process, with an update of their website (visit Ngage.Software if you are thinking of doing the same) and signing them up for an account with The SMS Engine. 
Their main usage so far has been to send out payment reminders for monthly fees, advising library books are due back and to reassure parents who have little ones starting preschool for the first time. 

Whatever the use, SMS is an easy and effective way to keep parents in the loop. For more information and pricing for our service, please click here.