The SMS Engine is a software program designed to provide businesses with the capabilities to mass communicate to internal and external stakeholders. Our software will provide businesses with the abilities to reach customers (both potential and existing), suppliers, shareholders, employees and management within seconds.

Marketing SMS

Send thousands of SMS at a click of a button, track your campaign success by adding a website landing page link to your SMS, give your users the option to unsubscribe. Our auto unsubscribe option guaranties no SMS will ever been sent incorrectly again.

What we can offer businesses:

  • Streamline communication with customers. Using the SMS Engine you can directly communicate with specific groups of customers. You can send them personalised one-way and two-way SMS messages about promotions, reminders, appointment confirmation and personal messages – e.g. Birthday messages.
  • Improve internal communication. A feature of our SMS Engine is the ability to customise and separate groups within the system. This allows you to easily communicate with particular groups within your organisation – different departments, managers, employees, board of directors. This becomes an efficient way to mass communicate important information to relevant recipients in a cost-effective way.
  • Free virtual reply number. All accounts receive a free virtual reply number and all replies are sent to your account's inbox, downloadable to a CSV report. For a dedicated number please contact us.

Windows Desktop App


Users of the SMS Engine can download and use the Windows Desktop to send multiple SMS messages from a Windows machine.

The Windows Desktop has all the functionality of the website and more. If your processing large amounts of SMS or would like to manage your contacts a little easier, the Windows Desktop is the answer. 

Why not try it for yourself Desktop Download