Childcare & Pre-School


The SMS Engine understands that Childcare, Before and After School Care can benefit from a simple and affordable net based SMS communication solution.

Service Features

  • One-Way SMS messaging
  • Two-Way SMS messaging
  • Scheduled SMS messaging
  • Optional Desktop Application
  • One-Way Alphanumeric Headers
  • Send 1-10,000 SMS messages in seconds
  • Web based solution
  • No contracts
  • Free trial
  • Credits can be purchased by invoice / EFT

Typical Uses

  • Attendance notifications
  • Event notification and reply requests
  • Payment Reminders
  • Emergency Notifications

Australia & New Zealand Pricing

Please refer to our Pricing page to review the Credit Bundles available. If you have any questions please use the "Chat" function at the bottom right of this screen or our Contact Us page. We will return calls within 30 minutes.