About Us

Since 2006, The SMS Engine has been helping schools, colleges, sporting organisations and businesses communicate in an easy and cost effective way.

Both from sporting backgrounds, our Directors realised how much assistance having a web browser to send SMS messages would be in organising day to day club activities. The SMS functionality would allow the secretary and club officials the ability to enter the clubs login credentials into a browser and then send one way alerts or two way messages to players and supporters alike... The SMS Engine was born! Quickly gaining a clientele in Australia and New Zealand across cricket, football, net ball, cricket and rugby clubs the next venture was into the education sector.

In 2007 we set about creating a solution for schools, allowing the school to easily and quickly communicate with both parents and staff. Our solution was designed to be cost effective and environmentally friendly (no more notes home!). We were able to work with the NSW Department of Education to create an integrated solution. In 2010 we worked with PC School Software to create a solution that would integrate with their School Management Software.

On the back of the success of The SMS Engine our directors expanded their business and created Ngage Software in 2013.  Ngage Software sells and supports NgageCMS, a powerful and lightweight Content Management System, that facilitates a speedy website build for developers whilst providing Content Managers with a powerful yet intuitive means of uploading content and/or selling products. For more information about Ngage Software and our proprietary Content Management System... NgageCMS please visit www.ngage.software 

The SMS Engine is now within the Ngage Software Pty Ltd Product Suite. Proudly Australian owned and managed, our vision is to continue to provide web and mobile based solutions that solve real problems in a cost effective way. We are proud that we have been able to assist schools reduce costs in managing certain communications and we seek to continue to do so.