Section 3

How Schools Can Use The SMS Engine

  • Send ‘Alert’ One-way SMS messages informing parents, teachers, and students of sudden changes. Such as "The School Sports Carnival has been canceled due to wet weather, we will conduct a normal school day".
  • Send Two-way SMS messages so that recipients can reply to your message. This is a great way to manage attendance as parents can respond to truancy messages and confirm that a child is away for a specified reason.
  • Send Scheduled SMS messages. This option allows you to ‘set’ messages to be sent at a particular point in the future. This feature can be used to send reminder messages for school excursions. School Management can prepare an SMS to be sent the night before the excursion to ensure parents are reminded of any special requirements needed for the excursion.
  • Group selection. Our SMS Engine allows you to segment your contact list into specific groups. This will help school management to send mass SMS messages to specific groups with the click of a button. You can customise segmentation of your contacts into Year Group, Classes, Boys and Girls, as an example.
  • Free virtual reply number. All accounts receive a free virtual reply number, you can advertise this number, all replies are sent to your accounts inbox, downloadable to a CSV report. For a dedicated number please contact us.