School Solutions

The SMS Engine messaging solution for schools provides a fast, effective and low cost way of communicating with staff, parents and students. 

There are no ongoing contracts and your school can be set up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes!

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Business Solutions

The SMS Engine can assist businesses that wish to communicate to staff and clients through a web based SMS solution.

Text messaging is a cheap and direct form of communication.

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Sporting Club Solutions

At The SMS Engine we live and breathe sports. We know how hard it can be to effectively communicate with all club officials, players & supporters when last minute changes or weather affects the match.

Our SMS messaging is designed to suit the needs of your sporting club, large or small.



Mobile App's

At The SMS Engine, we can also take care of your Mobile App needs too! Our app's are tailor made with our clients needs in mind. We understand the needs of one organisation will be different that the needs of another!

Ask us about developing a Mobile App for your school, sporting club or business today!