The SMS Engine is designed to assist Principals and School Management improve attendance and direct mass communication with parents and staff. We have, over the years, integrated our solution with other software to drive greater efficiencies. We are able to provide your school with an School SMS Messaging Service or Mobile Application Solution.

Our commitment to schools has always been, no contracts. We ask schools to purchase SMS credits up front, but there are no set-up or contractual fees. We offer schools a 7-day invoice period or they can choose to purchase credits through PayPal on the School Credit Card.


The SMS Engine Solutions will allow schools to:

  1. Send alert "One Way SMS Messages" such as "The School Sports Carnival has been cancelled due to wet weather, we will conduct a normal school day".
  2. Send "Two Way SMS Messages" so that the recipient can reply to your message, this is a great means of managing attendance, as replies from parents are sent to an SMS inbox page that lists the child's name and class, as well as the reply message.
  3. Scheduled Messages - these are messages that you can "set" to send at a particular point in the future. A great example are reminder messages for school excursions. School management can prepare an SMS to be sent the night before the excursion to ensure parents are reminded of special requirements for the excursion.

We would like to trial the system before purchasing, is that possible?

Trial the SMS Engine TODAY - Register your account and receive 20 Free Credits to properly test our solution. If you are happy with the service, then purchase an SMS Bundle. SMS Credits can be bought in bundles as detailed on our pricing page.